Approved Service Provider

Kids Cottage Early Childhood Services is an approved long day child care and education provider by the Australian Government for Child Care Benefit (CCB) because it meets the standards and requirements to  provide a safe and appropriate care and educational environment for children as outlined in legislation – Children (education & care services) Supplementary Provisions Regulation 2004 Formerly known as: Children’s Services Regulation 2004 and also meets quality assurance standards (formerly NCAC and now the new NQF). Families who satisfy eligibility requirements for Child Care Benefit may receive payments if they use approved care.

Qualifications and ratios

Both services ensures that the ratio of primary contact staff to children is as per Children’s Services Regulation 2004 (see also NSW Community Services, 1:4 ratio).  The service ensures that at least 2 members of the primary contact educators are present on the premises during operating hours.  Service policy and by regulations, planning for educators rosters take into consideration qualifications and current first aid certificates. An educator with a current first aid certificate is present throughout the day between 7:00am and 6:00pm

A total of 5 permanent educators are required including (minimum required with qualifications but not limited to):

  • One (1) qualified teacher
  • Two (2) qualified advanced child care workers
  • Two (2) qualified certificate III level childcare support workers

In addition, there is a permanent part-time cook who works in the mornings and a service director, who is not located permanently at the site and managers the service as required.

One of the key changes under the new National Quality Standard is that each educator will have fewer children to look after. This means that each child will get more individual care and attention, and when children have more time to learn from adults they develop more quickly.

To read more about the staff-to-child ratios and when they will be put in place across Australia click on the link National Quality Framework (NQF) Supervisor

Nominated Supervisor

In accordance to the National Regulations the service requires there be certified supervisors including a nominated supervisor. The current Nominated Supervisor at both Gladesville and Hunters Hill is the owner/director.

Supervision of children

The service ensures there is enough educators in accordance with the NSW Community Services ratios present at all times while children are indoors or outside in designated play areas. educators are positioned in all areas to supervise children if they are playing in those areas.


Con and Mary are the owners and managers of Kids Cottage Early Childhood Services.  We have an open door policy and we would like families to feel that the service is an extension of home or “a home away from home”. Owner/Managers, families, educators, children and early childhood professionals together form a community with shared goals.  The diversity of the cultures in our community has enriched the experiences that are planned in partnership with our families.  Furthermore, on the basis of this trusting relationship through the process of collaboration, that is  working together with each other including families and professionals ensures, the best outcomes for children and helps to provide families with better, more streamlined access to the services that are available in our community.

In line with the NQF, to provide the best possible level of early childhood education and care management focus on seven interrelated areas that contribute to excellence in and quality of early childhood education and care. These areas have also been identified by research and are:

  1. Educational program and practice
  2. Children’s health and safety
  3. Physical environment
  4. Staffing arrangements
  5. Relationships with children
  6. Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
  7. Leadership and service management

Our policies and procedures are based around these seven areas and under each of these areas more detail is provided about what our service can do to provide the highest quality early childhood education and care for a child.

National Quality Framework

From 1 January 2012 most education and care services for children (now called children’s services) will be regulated under a new scheme known as the National Quality Framework.

The Framework was agreed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and includes the Children (Education and Care Services National Law Application) Act 2010 and Regulations under that Law.  A National Quality Standard for services is a very important part of the Regulations.

The National Law and Regulations applies in each State and Territory.  The Department of Education and Communities, particularly its early childhood education and care directorate, is responsible for administering them in NSW.

The NSW Department of Education & Communities role in children’s services

Early childhood education and care services must provide a safe environment and appropriate programs for children and are governed by strict regulations. The NSW Education & Communities regulates these services and their providers on a state level (NSW Legislation) under the National Quality Framework.


In NSW, Community Services administers Children (education & care services) Supplementary Provisions Regulation 2004 (the Regulation) that governs children’s services.

The Regulation covers areas such as the educators who work in services and their level of qualification, the size of a service and the ratio of educator to children, physical requirements of building spaces and equipment, health and safety and administrative requirements such as the licensing procedure.

National Standards including Assessment and rating under the National Quality Framework.

The National Quality Framework includes assessment and rating of services against a National Quality Standard. The assessment and rating will be performed by qualified assessors in the Department of Education and Communities.  This replaces the accreditation process conducted by the National Childcare Accreditation Council in which many services have participated.

The National Law and Regulations include provisions about the assessment and rating. Factors taken into consideration include a service’s ‘quality improvement plan’ (a requirement under the new scheme), the service’s compliance history and (once it has one) its assessment and rating history. The assessment process will include a visit to the service by the assessor.

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If you have concerns about the standards or safety of a child care centre, contact the Central Licensing on 9716 2100 or 1800 619 113. You can also email your enquiries to

The Rating System

Information on Assessment and Ratings

The National Quality Standard is accompanied by a national quality rating and assessment process that reflects a national approach to the assessment and reporting of the quality of education and care services across the variety of service settings.

The availability of this information promotes transparency and accountability and will help parents make informed choices regarding the quality of education and care at a service. Each service will receive a rating for each quality area and an overall rating. These ratings must be displayed by the service and will be published on the ACECQA and the MyChild websites.

There are five rating levels within the national quality rating and assessment process:

  1. Excellent: Indicates that a service demonstrates excellence and is recognised as a sector leader.
  2. Exceeding National Quality Standard: Indicates that a service is exceeding the National Quality Standard.
  3. Meeting National Quality Standard: Indicates that a service is meeting the National Quality Standard.
  4. Working Towards National Quality Standard: Indicates that a service is working towards meeting the National Quality Standard.
  5. Significant Improvement Required: Indicates that a service is not meeting the National Quality Standard and the regulator is working closely with the service to immediately improve its quality (otherwise the service’s approval to operate will be withdrawn).

Assessment and Rating of a Service

A key focus of the National Quality Framework is to promote continuous quality improvement. For our service to be eligible to offer the CCB we must participate in the Rating System for the service type. From 1 January 2012, children’s education and care services covered under the Education and Care Services National Law will begin to be assessed and rated against the National Quality Standard. The NSW Department of Education & Communities is the state regulatory authority that undertakes the assessment and rating process and is the point of contact for any questions services may have about the assessment and rating process. ACECQA will provide oversight of the assessment and rating system.