Directors Statement


We would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Con and my wife’s name is Mary.  We have both been in children services now for over 16 years as owners, managers, operators and consultants.  During this time we have experienced a welcomed change from the ‘cottage industry’ to the more professional quality assurance system we have today.

With our own growing family to consider, we have always considered Kids Cottage as an extension of our own home and family, making lots of life-long friends and sharing similar stories along our journey. So we understand the expectation of families and having piece of mind.

We have two beautiful children, Caitlyn 15 years but at times thinks she’s going onto 21 and Angelo 13 whom well, is quite happy and content to not grow up.  You could say his like Peter Pan.  Both attended Kids Cottage from infant through to preschool age and are now attending primary school. We also live locally.

I have an accounting qualification and background.  I have worked for corporations such as Credit Union Services Corporation (CUSCAL) and in the past 10 years to present, I have been providing business services such as bookkeeping (MYOB professional partner & ATO approved BAS agent), consulting and project management, specialising in early childhood services while also working with Kids Cottage from operations through to management.  During this time, I have also attained an advance diploma in children services while also enrolled with a long term aim of attaining a tertiary qualification in early childhood.  I have a passion for children services and play an integral part in the transformation of Kids Cottage.  My PM journey continues with our most recent project, Kids Cottage | Hunters Hill Proposal.

Mary has an executive assistant and marketing background and qualification.  Mary actually met me while working for CUSCAL and the rest, well, is history.  While owner, manager and operator of Kids Cottage and raising a family, Mary attained an advance diploma in children services and currently completing a Diploma of Management while also enrolled and working towards attaining an early childhood tertiary qualification.  Mary too shares a passion for children services and you certainly say Mary too has played an integral part in the transformation of Kids Cottage particularly in leadership & management, development, program, practice of relationships and community building.

We have worked tirelessly building a reputation and a sense of community and belonging.  Although, we feel a big part of this process was effortless because, a commitment to excellence and to children services turns out to be a natural disposition.  Particularly when we had adapted the Reggio Emilia style or approach to care and learning.  It was very similar to the way we were brought up with space, time and people interacting and building communities and networks, practically.

All this in addition to our relationship with and commitment to early childhood services and the community it reflects our highly accredited childcare centre (more recently we were commended for achieving the highest level of accreditation by the NCAC) and is also testament to our centres growth in reputation and occupancy.

Our one and only dream in children services since inception is to have our own purpose built centre in the area so to ensure we continue providing exemplary service to the community and early childhood services true to our ideals and this dream is realised.