Our service thought it best to elaborate on the main philosophy and create a set of philosophies and aims for each quality area.  Our philosophy is created in consultation with all of the service stakeholders.  It is a living document that is often revisited by owner/manager, families and staff as the service changes and evolves.  Effectively, the statement of philosophies are known, understood and used by all staff to support the practice of the service.  Furthermore, it guides all the centre’s goals, operations, policies, activities, particularly the program and interactions and relationships between management, staff, families and children.  Any evaluated change in practice reflects the philosophy.

Our Philosophy (Broad)

The centre believes

These beliefs have implications for a model of a democratic society and working in our children’s service is a moral and ethical endeavor and as such is based on values

Source: NSW Community Services, Office of Childcare, NSW Curriculum Framework, Practice of Relationships (Linked to evolving: Philosophies, EYLF (NQF), Aims, Documentation, Curriculum & Practice)