Children’s Transition for Life and School

The following is our Philosophy regarding Children’s Transition for Life and School used to guide practice and helping to support children’s well-being, development and learning in our early childhood education and care service:

We believe:

  • Time spent in our high quality centre helps make a successful transition to school.  It is our primary aim to foster contributing and comfortable members of the school community.  This means that they will be confident, flexible, and have the confidence and skills to engage effectively in variety of interactions and relationships;
  • Practice based on our framework helps children manage life outside our childcare setting and life after our childcare setting, including school. It does this in several major ways, by promoting:
    • A sense of curiosity;
    • A sense of achievement;
    • Experience of successful learning;
    • Self confidence;
    • Willingness to take reasonable risks;
    • Comfortable identification with ones culture and family;
    • Familiarity with and sense of belonging to the larger community;
    • Appreciation of others and the benefits of collaboration;
    • Skills to interact with adults and other children;
    • The value of diversity;
    • Highly developed communication skills;
    • An active approach to learning and problem solving;
    • An appreciation of literacy and numeracy as essential to making meaning in the worlds;
    • Flexibility, a robustness of self that allows compromise;
    • Resourcefulness and resilience;
    • Perseverance in the face of obstacles;
    • An optimistic and positive approach to life;
    • Self-help skill;
    • An ability to follow directions;
    • Concentration skills;
    • Assertiveness, confidence to ask questions and seek help;

It is therefore our short and long term broad aim to achieve the practice of promoting a successful transition for life and school (Our motto: “Ready for kindy! Ready for life!) for each individual child.

Source: NSW Community Services, Office of Childcare, NSW Curriculum Framework, Practice of Relationships (Linked to evolving: Philosophies, EYLF (NQF), Aims, Documentation, Curriculum & Practice)