Experiences and Provisions for Children

The following is our Philosophy regarding Experiences and Provisions for Children used to guide practice and to help support children’s well-being, development and learning in our early childhood service:

We Believe:

  • Early learning is particularly significant as it lays the foundation for all learning and making the first five years a time of great vulnerability and special significance;
  • Learning in early childhood happens when children use their senses, are actively engaged with other people and with the physical world, when they explore, experiment, combine things, take things apart, reflect, imagine, question, and consider possibilities;
  • Children learn best when they are curious and eager, when they want to learn;
  • Learning is most effective when new experiences build on others.  Professionals aim to help children make links.  They can also expand children’s horizons by offering them new experiences, and giving them a choice of familiar or novel, easy or challenging;
  • Young children in the years before school amass a great deal of factual knowledge.  In the early years they also develop perspectives on themselves as learners as well as strategies and skills to use;
  • Our setting the environment itself teachers, it is an active contributor rather than a backdrop to learning.  It must be rich with opportunities, attractive and well organised.  Proving an environment that gives choices is itself an acknowledgment that children are capable and resourceful.

It is therefore our short and long term broad aim to practice encouraging each child to make choices, participate in play and integrate every aspect of the child’s development by promoting life enhancing relationships, acknowledging the child as capable and resourceful, honouring diversity and through providing opportunities to experience an environment (physical and human) that promotes the making of meaning and connections i.e. relevant to the lives of the children and further to assist children to reach their full potential and development outcomes of belonging being and becoming

Source: NSW Community Services, Office of Childcare, NSW Curriculum Framework, Practice of Relationships (Linked to evolving: Philosophies, EYLF (NQF), Aims, Documentation, Curriculum & Practice)