Professionals and Educators

The following is our Philosophy regarding Professionals and Educators used to guide practice and to help support children’s well-being, learning and development in our early childhood education and care service;

We Believe:

  • In employing professionals and educators with the skills, knowledge and attitudes, that shapes more than any other factor, the quality of the experience for children and families
  • Making wise decisions about children’s experiences requires deep and broad knowledge in a range of areas.  Putting this knowledge into practice demands that professionals and educators have a number of skills, attitudes and sensitivities, which are gained best by completing a formal course of study in early childhood education and care
  • To provide excellent children’s services requires that a significant proportion of people who work directly with young children have substantial formal qualifications.  People working directly with young children who do not have formal qualifications must be led and supported by people who do.
  • To participate throughout their time with the centre in a variety of experiences that increase their knowledge and skills and help them to look critically at their practice and to improve continuously.

It is therefore our short and long term broad aim to achieve the practice of employing qualified early childhood professionals and educators to help support children’s wellbeing, learning and development in our early childhood education and care service

Source: NSW Community Services, Office of Childcare, NSW Curriculum Framework, Practice of Relationships (Linked to evolving: Philosophies, EYLF (NQF), Aims, Documentation, Curriculum & Practice)