3-5 Years

Pre-schoolers are naturally curious about their environment.  During this period children are rapidly developing an understanding of concepts, and are highly motivated to explore and set challenges for themselves and their peers.

We encourage children to act as initiators, investigators, explorers, problem solvers and creators.  They are also guided into developing a spirit of cooperation and a caring and responsible attitude towards everyone in the Centre.  To support children in this, the program emphasis is on fostering self esteem, emotional well being, communication, socialisation, collaboration and self help skills.  Curriculum areas such as art, music, science, maths, language development, literature, drama and movement are provided for on a daily basis. These are, however, not necessarily presented as separate “activities”, but are integrated throughout the day

Curriculum planning is individualised and children are supported and guided in decision-making about the experiences they wish to explore both indoors and out.  The staffs work with the children in small groups and on a one-to-one basis. A key focus throughout the day is on guiding children to represent their ideas through various symbolic means such as drawing, painting, clay work, verbal description, physical movement, storytelling, writing and socio-dramatic play.