Infants – 2 Years

The learning process begins at birth. Much care and attention is given to creating a warm, safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.  Routines such as feeding, resting, nappy changing and bathing are significant elements in a day.  These provide positive opportunities for learning and time for quality adult-child interaction.

The development of each child’s independence and self esteem are regarded as essential goals for all children.  Varied experiences that will develop many skills are provided in a supportive and enriched environment.  Interwoven throughout the day are various musical experiences and opportunities for language development.

Open communication between staff and families is essential.  Children’s development is fostered when there are positive relationships and open communication among those adults responsible for each child’s well-being.  Families and Centre staff need to work together to ensure that care needs are met and opportunities for optimal child growth and development are fostered.  It is our goal to ensure that young infants and their families feel “at home” in the Centre.

Research has clearly emphasised the need for young infants in group settings to be cared for by a primary caregiver.  Each staff member in this age group is the primary caregiver for a small number of children. The carer’s role will involve:

  • liaising closely with parents about all aspects of the child’s development and daily experiences;
  • maintaining developmental records;
  • collaborating with other team members to ensure the child’s individual needs are planned for in the daily program