Role of the Teaching Professional

The teaching professionals role is guided by the service philosophy, vision and mission and aims. The team of educators at Kids Cottage are engaged in continual renewal and readjustment informed by reflection, experimentation, and practice.

Techniques used to support educators and staff in implementing their educational vision of the child as a competent learner include; teaching and the use of the environment such as positioning provisions, collecting and scheduling; meaningful planning and effective record keeping; verbal and non-verbal communication.

The later includes general teaching techniques such as; demonstrating; describing; encouraging praising and helping; facilitating; feedback; grouping; listening; modelling; positioning people; questioning; reading; recalling; singing; suggesting; telling and instructing.

More specialist teaching techniques include; co-constructing; community building; deconstructing; documenting; empowering; philosophising’ problem solving; reinforcing; scaffolding; task analysis. Initiates and maintains partnerships with families and positively interacts with peers.

Educator training and development is provided and encouraged as part of an appraisal and development process.

Our team of educators and staff are warm, social and very fun with children and families and you may have probably already noticed they are daringly different.