Fee Schedule


The service operates on a for profit basis providing for maintenance of an innovative and enriching learning environment to facilitate an exemplary early childhood education program. The fees also ensure the provision of ongoing maintenance of the facilities as needed and for future upgrades to both the indoor and outdoor physical environments. In addition, fees are largely allocated to the ongoing retention, development and training of professional staff.

The fee structure is testament to our belief in universal access to children services and commitment to providing excellence in care and education.  Fees are structured in consideration of the ratio of primary contact staff to children as per Children’s Services Regulation 2011 so are categorised according to each age group.  A full day fee applies regardless of the hours used and this also applies to public holidays. 

  • Fees are required to be kept TWO (2) weeks in advance at all times.
  • A “bond”– “security deposit” of FOUR (4) weeks full fees is required upon enrolment
  • Our terminating policy is that four (4) weeks written notice must be given otherwise 4 WEEKS FEES will be accounted to you.
  • Other additional fees to the daily rate applies. They are: annual administration; extra co-curricular experiences that may not be covered in the administration fee such as incursions, excursions, events; late payment fees; and late collection fees.
  • Parents may be eligible for assistance with the cost of care.

Assistance with the Cost of Care

What is approved child care for the purpose of Child Care Benefits (CCB)?

Kids Cottage is an CCB approved long day child care which means is a child care that has been approved by the Australian Government for Child Care Benefit (CCB) purposes because it meets certain standards and requirements. In addition, being a long day care service, Kids Cottage must also meet the new quality standards set out under the National Quality Framework. Kids Cottage was assessed as High Quality under the previous NCAC quality assurance standards.

CCB approved child care services can receive CCB on behalf of families. You can choose to receive your CCB payments as reduced child care fees or as a lump sum.

Can I get Child Care Benefit if I use CCB approved child care?

Families who satisfy eligibility requirements for CCB may receive payments if they use CCB approved child care.

To be eligible for CCB you need to meet three requirements:

  • Eligibility
    You or your partner (if you have one) meet residency requirements (or have an exemption).
  • Immunisation
    Children under the age of 7 must meet the Australian Government’s immunisation requirements or have an exemption.
  • Responsibility for child care payments
    You or your partner (if you have one) must be the person responsible for paying your child care costs. If your employer contributes to your child care through salary sacrificing or packaging, you should discuss with them who is responsible for the child care costs.

To see if you are eligible for CCB and, if so, how much you are entitled to, visit the Department of Human Services website or call 13 61 50.

In addition to CCB , am I eligible to other payments such as Child Care Rebate (CCR) and services?

To obtain information about eligibility for CCB or CCR and any other payments to help you raise children visit the Human Services Website , select customer information and then all payments and services to find out if you are eligible to receive assistance or contact Department of Human Services.

Where can I get more information?

To find out more about approved child care, please check the fact sheets below provided by mychild.gov.au or see the Information for families using child care fact sheet kit.